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K PP Nano Engineered
Nano Engineered Polypropylene Compound
Binary Nano reinforcement performance in PP
Flexural modulus
Binary nano composites performance & savings!
Features Benefits
High Modulus AND Impact Resistance Dimensional stability
Thin wall capability
Material savings
Low Specific Gravity Lighter parts
Lower material consumption Lower material costs
Low Processing Temp. / High Flow Lower processing costs
Lower initial equipment costs
Faster cycle times
Ultra stiff & high modulus
Tough, high impact
Hi flow, Fast mold cycles
Cost Performance Value
Hi gloss, scratch resistance
Low shrinkage & warpage
ABS replacement
Scratch Resistant Compound for Automotive
» Ultra stiff & high moduluss
» Dull matt looks
» Hi flow, Fast mold cycles
» Low shrinkage
» Light, stiff & tough
» Lower CLTE
» Excellent Aesthetics (Non-Plastic looks)
Tested on Erichsen scratch tester at 10 Newton Load as per GME 60280 Specs
Appliance parts, electrical parts, electronic parts, and industrial parts
Appliance Download Datasheet
PDF K PP Nano 9070
PDF K PP Nano 9071
PDF K PP Nano 9072
PDF K PP Nano 9073
Automotive (K PP) Download Datasheet
PDF Bumper
PDF Bumper K PP 11003
PDF Pillar Trim 7072
PDF Pillar Trim 7073
PDF Instrument Panel & Car Interier ( K PP 7200)